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Legal Solutions for Startups and Overworked Legal Departments

Focused on the technology industry.



During this unprecedented time, Gail M Bennett Legal PLLC is your perfect go to legal resource when you need immediate scalability for in-house legal resources to manage technology matters. 

Practice Areas
  • Transaction Management 

  • Forms and Process Improvement

  • Cloud Services

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Software Licensing

  • Risk Assessment Assistance

  • Outsourcing Arrangements

  • Product Development

  • Distribution and Sales

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Internal Team Training

  • Playbooks

  • Process Improvement


The technology industry needs a special type of lawyer.  We provide legal services with an understanding of the needs of our technology clients.  Everything happens fast in technology and we are ready to be there by your side, as a partner, helping you to navigate the legal environment and expeditiously move forward with your business endeavors while minimizing legal risk.


Lead Attorney

Gail Bennett started her career over 25 years ago as counsel for Autodesk.  Since then she has worked with a wide variety of software companies including, among many others,  Intel, Intuit, and Microsoft.  She has wide and deep experience and understands the need of in-house legal departments to keep momentum moving the business forward while minimizing legal risk.  Gail always believes in “providing better service” – That means world class service at reasonable costs.


Here is What Clients Say:

I've worked closely with Gail for many years on a variety of agreements and partnerships. Gail is a thoughtful attorney that takes a business approach to trying to get a deal done or a contract negotiated. She has helped me tremendously get through some complex issues which translated to large business opportunities for Vertafore.

Dave Acker, Vice President, General Manager, Information Solutions at Vertafore

I have had the pleasure of working with Gail for eight years while at Vertafore. I recommend her to any organization that encourages and fosters thought leadership. Gail's professional approach of having the ability to see all perspectives not just the legal when problem solving terms and conditions with an agreement made it possible to work through really tough negotiations. Her strength and wisdom would be a assest to any team.

- Robin J. Bell, Ph.D., Vice President Technical Insurance Content Management at the Rough Notes Company

Gail is an excellent lawyer with particular expertise in contract law and intellectual property rights. She is also very customer focused and understands customer relationship management better than most sales professionals I have met.

- Josh Schmidt, Information Security, Data Privacy, Risk Management & Compliance, CEO, Positroniq



Gail M Bennett Legal


Tel:  425-922-0207


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